Being a photographer requires a lot of time spent not being behind the camera. I think we all wish it was just shooting! I saw a factoid that said most of us spend 80% of our time on business, and 20% doing photography. What is the business part of it? The biggest factor is editing. Once I'm done with your session, I spend hours tediously editing and beautifying your photos to make sure they look the best. The rest of it is too boring to mention. My point is that the prices you see, don't reflect just our time together during a session. The other factors are the fees and business expenses it costs me to run a legitimate, licensed business in the State of Florida. Not to mention gas and milage on the car, cost of equipment, office supplies, etc.

Once I have edited your photos, they are uploaded to your own gallery for you to review, buy prints, and even share from the gallery to your favorite social media site if you wish. The print lab I use is very high quality and offers a huge range of products to choose from:

- Standard and non-standard print sizes in several finishes.

- Gorgeous Canvas wraps, Thin wraps, and Metallics to hang in your home as a treasured family heirloom.

- Photo cards for all your Holiday card needs.

Individual Portrait Session (includes Maternity) - $85 for a 30min session or $150 for an hour session.

Family Session - $175 for a family of 6. $200 for up to 12 people. $250 for a large family. These are 1 hour sessions. If additional time is needed, $20 for each additional 30 minutes will be added.

Senior Portrait session - $300 for a full session. This includes a two hour session with outfit changes and location changes. If you would like more or less time or locations added, just ask and I will work with you to fit your needs.

Pricing for the images is a la carte, meaning you can choose what you'd like to purchase. I have the following options:

- Ordering prints and products (such as high quality Canvas Wraps) from your gallery. Prices are as marked.

- High-Resolution CD for printing, and a Low-Resolution CD for sharing, for $100.

- Download your entire gallery from the website, for $100.

- Single photo download, $10.

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